How did become my homepage?

There are several ways that this could have happened:

1. You clicked on the “Make this your Homepage" link on either the homepage one of our many partner sites.
2. You may have installed our Start4Search Toolbar software from the webpage or from one of our many partner sites.

How did I get the Start4Search Toolbar?

There are several ways that this could have happened:

1. You clicked on the "Yes" option when prompted to install the toolbar while visiting the Start4Search Toolbar Web Page or one of our many partner sites.

2. The Start4Search toolbar software may have been "bundled" with another application that you downloaded, in which case you had to explicitly agree to the installation of the Start4Search Toolbar.

3. Your browser security settings may be set to "Low" or your "Download Signed Active-X Controls" setting may be set to "Yes" instead of "Prompt" or "No". This is not a recommended security setting. The Start4Search Toolbar is installed using "Active-X", if your settings are set to allow Active-X, then you may receive the toolbar without receiving any prompts.

What does the Start4Search Toolbar do for me?

The Start4Search toolbar is a feature rich tool for making your experience on the Internet easier and more convenient. By installing the Start4Search toolbar on your browser, you receive the following:

  • Quick & Easy access to the Start4Search search engine, plus contextual search assistance. Just highlight any word on a web page and right click to search the web for that word or phrase!
  • An Absolutely Free Pop-Up Blocker!
  • Convenient management or your browser cache and cookies!
Is the Start4Search Toolbar "Spyware"?
Absolutely not. We detest spyware and believe that your surfing habits are your business, and yours alone! The Start4Search Toolbar is not spyware and in no way tracks you or the web sites that you visit.

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